Prospectors Weekly Review

The Prospectors world is growing! As we continue to expand to different lands, we open up new possibilities and new opportunities for people to interact and collaborate from all around the world. These lands will eventually all be linked together and we are thrilled about the potential of a huge united game world. We are excited to share our vision with you all!

Prospectors Assets auction on WAX

So the Assets Auction for the Prospectors land on WAX is underway. This time it’s more intensive than the auction for the primary land. Each day consists of 4 6-hours periods. Beginner’s Sets, Building Sets, packages of in-game gold, vehicles and other items are on the auction at the same time. So there is a lot of competition even for the smallest items. So the participants have to be really fast and careful to get what he or she wants. For example, make sure if you want a wagon full of gold, that you check to see if there is gold in it before bidding a high price. Reading the description of the items before bidding on them is important.

So far the biggest bid has been made for the Tool workshop. A shocking 70,000 WAX was paid for this purchase. We hope it will pay for itself and provide a big head start for its owner.

Please keep in mind that there will be no way to inject capital (PGL) into the game for the first month. Since the PGL(EOS) — PGL(WAX) migrator is still in development right now, you won’t be able to purchase any additional gold once the Assets Auction is completed. The only way to bring gold into the game is to buy it during the Assets Auction.

The Assets Auction will last until September 20th. There are only a few days left, so be prepared and watch the auction for the items that you need.

Our recent update

Today we have rolled out a fresh update. The most notable change for players is the deployment of a new version of CAPTCHA, which will flunk out unusual activities typical for bots. CAPTCHA service will appear after every three actions regarding a job.

And as always, we have fixed some bugs and improved performance. As you all know, We are constantly working to make the game better!

The new land on WAX

We are excited to announce that our partners from WAX are working diligently to enable the all-access entrance for the Prospectors launch on the WAX minenet.

As you can see, the development of Prospectors is accelerating, and there are a lot of exciting developments ahead of us.

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