Prospectors Weekly Review

The Recap of the Assets Auction for the Prospectors Land on WAX

After ten days of frenzied buying and very little sleep, the latest fast-paced Assets Auction came to its end. In this week’s review, we will summarize the auction and review the latest developments regarding our upcoming launch on WAX.

90 Beginner’s Sets

90 Researcher’s Sets

18 Buildings Sets (3 of each type)

42 Speculators Sets per 3 of each type

12 Sets of (3) cart’s

9 Wagon’s

60 Pouches of Gold

30 Bags of Gold

30 Sacks of Gold

30 Carts of Gold

10 Wagons of Gold

A record price of 70,000 WAX was paid for the Tool Workshop and the cheapest lot, a Beginners Set, went under the hammer for 801 WAX.

Please note; Until the Prospectors land on WAX launches, you can still buy a voucher for 50 000 gold (only one item per person) to start the game with money for your initial needs like buying tools or paying for services. The Gold vouchers are available on the home page at

We would like to remind everyone that there will not be another chance to inject any other outside capital into the game during the first month of the Prospectors game on WAX, and reiterate the importance of the Assets Auction cannot be understated!

Exciting news from our WAX partners

The launch of Prospectors has been rescheduled to mid-October, as our partners from WAX are working on enabling a smooth and frictionless process to onboard new players, including those who have no knowledge or experience with blockchain. After this development is complete, it will be much easier for such users to enter Prospectors as well as create a WAX Account on behalf of WAX Trade customers. This introduces non-blockchain users to dApp developers and is a way to provide an otherwise inaccessible market to dApp developers.

We were excited to hear this and we are looking forward to opening up the Prospectors world to a wider audience!

Bye-bye bots: results validate captcha implementation

We are thrilled to see the tremendous success of the captcha V2 implementation. We were a bit concerned that it might be annoying for users to perform the captcha test from time to time. However, the results of this implementation have proven to be an overwhelming success and confirm to us it was the right decision. You can read more about the captcha implementation in our recent article: Scammer-strikes-again

Meanwhile, our developers have been working tirelessly on new features such as alliances functionality and a few other features, which we are excited to announce to you all very soon.

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy