Ready, steady, go! Prospectors Assets Auction Launched

Hooray, the long-awaited Prospectors assets auction is finally here!

Today, we start the auction where you will have a unique chance to receive an edge over other players at the start. During the auction, you’ll be able to buy sets such as simple tools, a gold pan for exploring gold deposits and even sets of materials and tools needed for constructing entire buildings. These assets will enable a player to make great progress during the first days.

As the auction opens, choose what you need and start placing your bids.

How to participate in the Prospectors asset auction

In order to bid on a chosen asset, you need to have an EOS account and some PGL there. Prospectors Gold (PGL) will be needed to purchase any of the Prospectors assets in the auction. If you have no PGL on your account, you can get it on Newdex.

As soon as you are ready, visit the auction page to view all current auction items available to bid on.

Make a bid for the chosen items. On the item’s tab, you see, who makes the last bid in the ‘Who leads’ line.

Under the item window, you see all available items. Those items where your bids are the last one will be with “My” label on it.

The auction time will be extended for 3 minutes whenever a new bid is submitted during the last 3 min of the auction. So here you can also see all the lots which are still active after the previous auction stage.

Once you claim your items, they will appear on your Simple Market page.

You are able to look over all the items you’ve bought in “My Items” page.

The auction is divided into stages. Each auction stage will last 7 hours, so it’s easy to take part in it around the world. There will be 90 auction stages overall. Items for every stage are chosen randomly. Overall, the auction of the assets will last for one month.

All auction items are Simple Digital assets so you can sell it or give to anyone. You’ll be able to use all auction items you’ve bought only after the game release (a provisional date — 29 June 2019)

Four Different Sets for Different Purposes

There are four different sets, each with unique benefits. Here are descriptions of the types of sets available to bid on during the auction of the assets:

Beginner’s Set — this is a set of different tools, one of each type. The beginner’s set will include one: Spade, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hammer, Sledgehammer, and Saw. With these tools, your workers will be able to fulfill any task in the Prospectors world. One Beginner’s Set will be sold during each stage of the auction. However, notice there is no Gold pan in this set, for that you will need the researcher’s set.

Researcher’s Set — These are the tools needed for exploring gold deposits. This set consists of three Gold pans and three Pickaxes. With the Researcher’s Set, you’ll be able to explore 3 plots. One Researcher’s Set will be sold during each stage of the auction.

Building Set — This set will include all of the materials and tools needed to complete an entire building. You will be able to bid on the following buildings during the auction of the assets: Iron Furnace, Stone Workshop, Sawmill, Brickyard, Tool Workshop, and a Cart Factory There will be three sets of each building available to bid on.

Speculator’s Set — each set will contain 50 identical tools. A great opportunity to make a profitable business at the beginning. You’ll be able to buy sets consisting of 50 spades, 50 pickaxes, 50 axes, 50 shovels, 50 hammers, 50 sledgehammers, and 50 saws. There are 5 of each type of speculator’s sets.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be among the first to secure assets, and guarantee a successful start and future!

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