Bots foiled by new security updates

Players should stay vigilant, as new scams emerge.

A few days ago our sheriff noticed an illegal advertisement of software which was meant to increase players revenue in Prospectors. Essentially, they were selling the use of BOTS, which are specifically against the rules of the game. Some players, who were looking to take advantage of this rule, were scammed into giving away their private keys and have been hacked. We constantly warn our community about scammers who try to take advantage of unsuspecting players, unfortunately all too often, they do not listen. Never give out your private keys to anyone, ever!

As you are probably aware by now, that a few days ago we announced our decision to change Google-captcha V.3. to captcha V.2. So we did it yesterday, and that story with the ad came up again. Turned out that the guy managed to not only sell malware but also get the private keys of his customers. Right before the captcha on V.2 implementation, the scammer withdrew all PGL from his clients’ accounts. There were a few dozen of those!

With implementation, of captcha V.2. bots were killed and parameters of game load were decreased drastically. Now you have to pass the captcha test from time to time, but a fair game is worth it — at least you can easily get a proper job.

We are working hard to improve our game both with quality in-game content and fairness for every player.

So remember, please be careful! Never give your private key to anyone and don’t play dirty!

Also, there are cases where this attacker simply stole an account and changed his key

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