Shockingly High Salaries In The Tombstone Boomtown

Fellow Prospectors, while you are sitting near your fireplace, other miners are making money within Boomtown. For now, for some jobs, you can earn as much as 25 gold per min.

So, even if you are alone and don’t want to participate in the challenge, maybe you still want to make some money?!

A few things about the Boomtown we want to highlight:

You can exchange PGL in the Boomtown.

You can transfer some PGL there to buy necessary tools, and afterward, convert your earnings to your account.

You do not need to create a new account for the Boomtown.

If you already play in the Wild West, enter the Tombstone Boomtown the same way.

For now, the players who take the highest paid jobs and have a Premium Subscription (their workers can work without any rest) make as much as 107 000 Gold per day. Even without a premium subscription, with salaries this high, there is plenty of opportunities to make a lot of Gold!

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