The Assets Sale is Launched!

Get Prepared for the Eagle Boomtown!

Hey, fellow Prospectors! The Assets Sale has been just launched on This auction is a pre-event for the expedition to the Eagle boomtown, the cold land on the north from Yukon.

Since the last weather forecast shows the severe weather during the period of the expedition, the mining season in the Eagle Boomtown will last only for 50 days. You won’t have any time to get cold, since there will be too many things to do!

The auction of assets for the Eagle Boomtown will have 248 stages, 1,5-hours each, and will last for 15,5 days, until January 17.

All buildings, tools, and equipment bought during the auction will be delivered to the central state plot of the Eagle Boomtown right before the start of the challenge, where you’ll be able to pick them up.

The goal is to finish the Railway and transfer the resources back to the permanent prospectors land Yukon before the Boomtown becomes a ghost town. If the settlers are able to accomplish this goal, they will reap the rewards.

The Eagle Boomtown:

  • The GAMEPLAY is a ‘players against the game’ format

and 10 000 000 kg of every other RESOURCE

  • All Gold plots available are 32K-PLOTS.

Teamwork will help you achieve your goal, so get your friends on board, and work together! Think about what you will need, and be ready to bid on those assets!

Those willing to take the risk may reap the rewards! Execute your strategy, and win!

Take part in the Auction here: Auction







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