The Boomtown Assets Auction is launched

Today we launched the auction of assets for the very first Boomtown challenge! The new Boomtown is the richest land yet discovered in Prospectors history! There will be 250 plots each with 32,000,000 of Gold! This makes the total around 8,000,000,000 of gold buried and hidden within the land, just waiting to be discovered.

The race is on and players will only have around two months to mine precious resources and build up the necessary infrastructure to complete the railroad in order to win.

Are you daring enough to take this challenge?

Team up with other courageous prospectors and start preparing for the adventure. Think about the necessary tools and useful equipment you will want to have to ensure a fast start. Boomtown settlers can purchase everything they need from the assets Auction, such as tools, transportation equipment, new speed boosters, and entire building sets for the Boomtown challenge. There are 992 useful assets, waiting to be bid on.

Here are the details about the auction process, including how to bid on assets and claim them.

How to participate in the Prospectors Boomtown Assets Auction

In order to bid on a chosen asset, you need to have an EOS account and some PGL there. Prospectors Gold (PGL) will be needed to purchase any of the Prospectors assets in the auction.

As soon as you are ready, visit the auction page to view all current auction items available to bid on.

As the auction opens, choose what you need and start placing your bids.

To make a bid for a chosen item, look on the item’s tab, there you see who made the last bid in the ‘Who leads’ line.

Under the item window, you see all available items. Those items where your bids are the last one will be with the “My” label on it.

The auction time will be extended for 3 minutes whenever a new bid is submitted during the last 3 min of the auction. So here you can also see all the lots which are still active after the previous auction stage.

Once you claim your items, they will appear on your simple market page.

You are able to look over all the items you’ve bought in the “My Items” page.

Schedule of the auction week you can find here: community Telegram chat

The auction is divided into stages. Each auction stage will last 3 hours, so it’s easy to take part in it around the world. There will be 240 auction stages overall. Items for every stage are chosen randomly. Overall, the auction of the assets will last for one month (31 days).

Teamwork will help you achieve your goal, so get your friends on board, and work together! Think about what you will need, and be ready to bid on those assets!

Those willing to take the risk may reap the rewards! execute your strategy, and win!

Take part in the Auction here:

Read more about how the Boomtown works in our previous article.

Play now:

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