The Day Has Come: We Are Launching Prospectors on the EOS Mainnet

Toot-toot — do you hear the sound? This is the first ship nearing the land of Prospectors. The lucky owners of the Golden Tickets are ready to make a landing. Everyone else will have to wait three more days, until June 29, to enter the game. That’s when the hunting for gold begins, and everyone can join the bonanza!


The easiest way to enter the game is to use your Google or Facebook account and EOS account. You can log in with your private key or Scatter. As we’ve emphasized earlier, we don’t save your private key.

You have an initial map at your disposal which consists of 2500 plots. Each of them hides the riches in its depths, but even we don’t know what exactly can be found there. All in all, Ten million PGL are buried in the earth’s depths.


Those who purchased the game assets — your time has come! This is the launch of Prospectors on the mainnet! So drag out your Researcher’s and Beginner’s sets, get your tools ready, and construct the buildings. You are the kings of these early days — those who will speed up the development of the world’s economy.

All your assets will appear on the central plot with the coordinates 0/0, where the state buildings are located. To get your asset, send a worker to the plot and take your belongings from the administrative center warehouse. If your purchase is too heavy to carry all at once, don’t worry, you can return for your assets as many times as you need. Find the preferred plot and then move and transport everything to it, until all your purchases are where you need them.


You may want to bring some PGL into the game to convert into Gold, the currency for the game. This way, when you come across a plot rich with deposits, you can rent it straight away. Visit the Newdex exchange to buy PGL.

Remember, only after the exploration of a plot will the existence and volume of resources there become known.


We will answer your questions on the gameplay and UI in the Academy FAQ, and our Youtube channel, where we’re posting the walkthrough videos and guides for beginners

We won’t hold you any longer — may Lady Luck smile on you!


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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy