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2020 Roadmap updates

Hey, fellow Prospectors! Today we want to present the updated Roadmap for 2020, and share our vision for some of the new features coming to Prospectors in the near future. As you can see, all of the new features which were recently announced have been added to the roadmap as well as some which will come as quite a surprise! This update to the roadmap reveals an entirely new feature to the prospectors’ world!

Our main goal is to bring about new opportunities for us all to experience the things we love most about Prospectors. When the lands are wild and unexplored, the anticipation of searching for and discovering new resources can be exhilarating. Another aspect we all enjoy is the reward of implementing and executing a plan. To set out to accomplish goals with your friends and community can be both gratifying and fruitful.

With this goal in mind, we are revealing one of the most exciting new developments of the Roadmap, the expansion to an entirely new land and experience. These new fast-growing yet temporary Prospectors Lands will replicate the rapid growth associated with the classic Goldrush “Boomtowns” and become a periodic phenomenon in the Prospectors reality. These new Boomtowns may provide citizens of all Prospectors lands with fresh resources and the emotions that come with the thrill of exploration and discovery. With proper planning, good execution, and a little luck, some adventurous prospectors may be able to secure their fortunes in gold, before the Boomtown becomes a ghost town.

We believe that introducing new adventures to the Prospectors’ reality will bring the necessary balance between the intensity of exploration and thrill of discovery, and on the other hand, the stability and safety of homelands.

We will not go into more detail at this time, but there will be much more information coming and we look forward to sharing our vision with you all and hearing your thoughts and ideas on the matter as well.

Meanwhile, also appearing on the updated roadmap, are several other major new developments like the prospectors commodities exchange, development of account characters, and we will see the first dapp launch on the Prospectors platform! One more important new milestone has appeared on our updated roadmap, and that is the Assets Auction for the new “boomtown” expansion experience. We’ll have more information about this quickly approaching auction and the new “Boomtown” challenge, coming this week! So get ready Prospectors, because word just arrived in town from Grizzley Jones, and he claims there’s “ Gold in them thar’ hills”!

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