The Grand Land: the Map, Resources, Plot NFTs and the Roadmap

4 min readMay 28, 2021


An eagle is soaring above unbounded green plains where large herds of deer graze, above dark pristine forests where bears roam as the sole lords of the land. It is a Grand Land indeed, and its wealth is waiting for you fellow Prospectors.

Today we will be announcing the roadmap of our journey to the Prospectors dreamland, the new home of Prospectors, “Grand Land”.

We will very clearly define the parameters around the sale of plots, so that you can be fully prepared to participate.

We understand the frustration around delays or when launch dates get pushed back. So with the release of this timeline, the WECAN team wants to assure the community that this timeline will be met.

The Prospectors Grand Land will be launched in November 2021.

The map

Let’s look at the map first. The past land maps on WAX have all been in a frozen wilderness, devoid of any color. We’re happy to announce that the “Grand Land” is going to be the first green map on WAX. It will consist of 10,000 plots (100x100) with an additional row of free plots around the perimeter (404 plots overall). Those plots are permanently free, ineligible to be owned by anyone yet open to nomads and beginners. Those plots will probably be the starting point for all newcomers.

  • At the center of the map — 9 plots reserved for the State Buildings.
  • The central sector of the map — 112 plots, will be distributed through the auction.
  • The major sector of the land consisting of 9800 plots will be sold during two Land Sales
  • 2900 plots from this sector will be sold for WAX, 6900 plots — for PGL.
  • 79 plots will be reserved for a promo

Each plot, (except the State plots and free land around the perimeter), will be reserved per the corresponding NFT. The owner of that NFT is entitled to the resources on that plot. So, newcomers who own no plots will still be able to explore and mine resources, but only within the free land.

We will ensure a fair distribution of centrally located plots and also those on the outskirts, between current Prospectors players (who probably will prefer to buy for PGL) and people from the NFT-WAX community (who will most likely use WAX).

By the way, all PGL collected as a result of the Land Sales will be divided among four Prospectors Funds.

  • 25% PGL will go to the Fund of New Lands;
  • 25% PGL will go to the Fund of Rewards;
  • 25% PGL will go to the Fund of Game Events/Development Fund;
  • 25% PGL will be burned to decrease the maximum supply.


Prospectors have never seen such a prosperous land. Not only are the deposits of gold absolutely massive, but the number of other resources will be scaled up enormously as well, and will be able to provide for the needs of all citizens.

70 000 000 000 gold (look through the estimated number of plots with different amounts of gold in our previous article)

Other resources, compared with the first Prospectors mainland Wild West

Changes will also touch upon mining rates for all the resources and the number of upgrades for mines. Because the dynamics of the game in the “Grand Land” will change as far as rent being due, a player will not have to worry about how fast they can drain a plot of its resources. This enables a player to grow their business at their own pace, and plan to extract resources at whichever pace they choose. So with this in mind, the speed at which resources can initially be extracted will be reduced, while the number of upgrades available for mines will be increased.

What is the NFT of a plot needed for?

A Plot NFT certifies a player’s right on a specific plot with stated coordinates. By staking this NFT in the game, the player gets access to this plot and ownership of its resources without any further rental payment required.

If the player decides to sell his plot on the market, he has two options:

  • to unstake the plot’s NFT, and then sell the NFT on the market.
  • to sell the plot on the in-game auction of plots.

After the deal is set, ownership of the plot NFT will be automatically transferred to a new owner.

The Roadmap

  • The Initial land Sale

when — mid-June

what — 2900 plot

currency — WAX

  • Big Land Sale

when — mid-August

what — 6900 plots

currency — PGL

  • Auction of central plots

when — September

what — 112 central plots

currency — PGL

  • Auction of Animals and Vehicles

when — 2 weeks before the game launch

what — horses, donkeys, wagons and carts

currency — PGL

  • Launch of the Prospectors Grand of Land Prospectors

November 25 — Launch 🚀of the Prospectors Grand Land of Prospectors

An old wise prospector raises his head. He feels fresh wind on his face, he breathes the smell in the air. The smell of gold, the smell of a new hope.










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