The Prospectors Big Update countdown

We are excited to announce the start of the countdown for the Prospectors Big Update launch. It’s been quite a while since the Prospectors world has seen any considerable updates. Meanwhile, the whole team has been working hard to prepare a huge pack of features that are going to launch simultaneously in 24 hours.

We’ve told you about some of the features of the Big Update already, and in this article, we want to highlight the things about which we haven’t spoken yet. We’ll try to give you the maximum comprehensive overview of this massive Update and the business opportunities it will create for Prospectors citizens.

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Buildings’ 2nd level upgrade

Finally, citizens will get an opportunity to improve their businesses and to get new prospects for their venture by upgrading buildings. Upgrading mines and quarries will enable an increase of mining efficiency. For production buildings, upgrading to the next level will allow new materials to be created, which are necessary within the new environment.

Building Repairs

Just like in real life, a building will need some maintenance or repairs after prolonged heavy use. Lifetime is a brand-new characteristic of the buildings. After the Update, all buildings will have a lifetime. When a building’s lifetime runs out, it needs to be repaired. Also, you can provide scheduled maintenance, which doesn’t require even temporary interruption of work. Building’ lifetime is measured in the working hours. So if the building works with only half of its capacity, it will operate twice longer without any maintenance.

Buildings can be repaired with specific tools. Maintenance works take some time.

Worker’s Energy

Energy is a brand-new characteristic of the worker. After the Update, a worker requires some time to renew his energy. After working, a worker will need to rest for half the time he has worked. For example, an unskilled worker without a certificate will have to rest half an hour after a 60-min job.

Only workers of the Premium accounts will have their energy restored almost right away.

New buildings

A few new buildings will become available within the Prospectors world as well. Two of them are related to the coffee making industry, such as the Coffee Factory and Coffee House. Others, like a Manufactory and a Bank, are standing apart. So let’s learn a bit more about them

Coffee Factory

The coffee factory is the place where raw coffee beans are roasted and become completely prepared for further use in the Coffee Houses. Fragrant coffee gives you so much energy that the demand for high quality roasted coffee beans is huge.

Coffee House

Tired workers come to coffee houses to restore their strength. After a mug of this fragrant drink, the speed of the worker increases, so he is able to reach any location twice as fast and search for jobs within a 4x larger area.


A Manufactory is a place where you can use metal blanks, wooden handles, nails, and other stuff to produce different small hand tools for building maintenance and utensils for the coffee making industry. A handy chisel or a durable kettle is necessary in each household.


In the bank, every Prospectors citizen can convert their mined gold into the “in-game” gold. After one’s worker delivers the precious metal to the bank, the appropriate amount of GOLD will be sent to his account. To run a bank, you should purchase a license.

Premium accounts

The Premium Account subscribers will benefit from a multitude of features, such as extending the account’s limits, getting rid of the CAPTCHA service, strong workers who can work much longer without rest, and their energy restored almost instantly.

To learn more about Premium accounts go here

Central Bank and the banking system

The central function of the new Prospectors banking system is to provide citizens the service of converting mined gold into the ‘in-game’ gold by depositing it on the bank account. The heart of it is the Central Bank, the first-ever public works projects in the Prospectors land. Only after the completion of the Central Bank will prospectors сitizens be able to deposit mined gold on their account as well as to buy a license to start their own bank.

Deposit Gold, earn interest!

Also, Central bank will provide deposit services, so any citizens will be able to store their money on the Central bank account and get some reward (deposits are going to replace staking)

To learn more about Prospectors Banking system go here

Game balance fix

All the new objects and features which will be implemented with the Big Update and appear within the Prospectors world will trigger some necessary fixes to the balance of the game. We expect that the game’s economy is going to balance out within several weeks.

State University

Along with all the new buildings, tools, and materials which will emerge within the Big Update, brand new professions will appear as well. Those jobs will be more sophisticated compared to the old ones and will require experienced, trained professionals with high qualifications.

So the State University will be the next building to appear in the central part of the Prospectors map. Workers will come to the University to complete a chosen study and earn a diploma, which confirms their qualifications. Studying at the University is paid and takes some time.

To learn more about the University and the system of diplomas, go here.

A long-awaited feature (Secret)

This secret characteristic will have a strong impact on the way the player’s account will be estimated. So what will it be? Write your versions below.

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