The Prospectors Big Update Successfully launched

Big changes bring many questions

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ey Guys! It’s been a busy few days for everyone as we’ve been experiencing all that the “Big Update” has brought us. A lot of new construction has begun in both lands, work has been moving forward at the Central Bank, and the university is full of students eager to learn new trades.

Even with all the information shared about the update, it seems there were still a few who were caught off guard by some of the changes. And with so many changes, it’s expected that there would be some questions and concerns from the players. So we would like to take this opportunity to address some of the concerns we’ve heard from the community and clear up any misconceptions about the new taxes and how those funds are distributed.

Since the very beginning, all of the gold charged from Prospectors citizens have been divided among a few funds, which help the game develop, and provide rewards for our players.

And we want you all to know, and nothing has changed! Contrary to some of the things being said in the public chat rooms, the funds charged for taxes, rent and fees are not going to “The team.”

Luckily, since Prospectors is a blockchain project, all of this is public knowledge and verifiable on-chain.

In this article, we explain the latest changes, especially those which affect the game economy such as diplomas, converting gold, etc., and how the new fees are divided between the game funds.

Where does the money go?

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The revenue from the rent of plots and a 5% income tax from each profitable deal on the market are divided among:

Fund of Rewards (20%)

-these rewards are distributed to those who deposit their gold at the Central Bank!

Fund of New Lots (20%)

- gold from this fund will be used for the new plots when expanding to the next World.

Fund of Development and In-game Events (20%)

- for example, we use gold from this fund for the financing of Central Bank construction.

Fund of Destruction (20%) — burning gold from this fund helps to

support PGL

Referral program reward — the last one 1/5 of income tax and rent, becomes a reward within the Prospectors referral program.

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Gold collected from the diplomas and license purchases, as well as 5% from each bank operation (10% from the Central Bank’s operations), are divided between the same four funds, yet have nothing to do with a referral program.

25% goes to the Fund of Rewards

25% goes to the Fund of New Lots

25% goes to the Fund of Development and In-game Events

25% goes to the Fund of Destruction

What are all those changes for?

The goal of the Prospectors team, first and foremost, is to make the Prospectors world work. We strive to make the Economy function so that you’ll want to develop your business and community, build strategies, and have fun.

We also have to make sure the game is safe from bots, and people who seek to enter the game with multiple accounts, pump out some “gold” them and forget about Prospectors. All implemented steps are to make every account valuable and finally get rid of the bots and multi-accounts in the game. Account experience points also aim to make each account more valuable.

The Prospectors project is still in the BETA stage now, and until the RELEASE stage, we reserve the right to change the game settings, as was told in the Prospectors White Paper.

We believe that all those improvements were necessary, and will ensure the long term success of the game. The addition of new industries and higher-level jobs will enable an entirely new working class and increase the overall employment rate for all Prospectors citizens.

And now, as we are finishing the last fixes, we are already looking forward to the next update, which will bring the game to the next level. More details soon.

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