The Prospectors Land on WAX: New Gold Deposits Explored

5 min readSep 6, 2019


Great news, friends! Our state explorers found new gold deposits! Approximately 5 000 000 000 of gold are buried there. Those deposits are located 590 miles east, behind the Great Mountain Chain. The mountain pass is very treacherous making travel by foot impossible. So anyone who wants to try their luck prospecting the land of the new Prospectors land should reach it from the WAX side. Meanwhile, we are considering different means of transportation to connect the Prospectors lands to make the whole world united.

The Prospectors Assets Auction on WAX

Those who have survived since the Prospectors ships first arrived, and built the first businesses in the prospectors land, know that life would have been much harder without arriving with the necessary tools and materials as well as local money. So we are preparing a supply center, for those who want to try their luck exploring this new land. Because of the difficult journey, the amount of those tools and materials that can be brought are limited. We are going to carry out an Assets Auction to provide the new land settlers with all the necessary equipment for a successful start.

In addition to starting the game with assets like tools or vehicles, every prospector knows how important it is to start with some gold! Having Gold is critical to starting a business; to rent a plot, to buy tools, to hire additional workers and for other purposes.

There will be two ways to buy in-game gold:

In-Game Gold Voucher. We’ve decided to sell vouchers for the in-game gold. To be sure that everyone will be able to get some, we will limit the vouchers for in-game gold to one per person.

In-Game Gold. If you need more money there will be packages with different amounts of in-game gold, which you will be able to buy during the Assets Auction.

The Auction currency is WAX. You always will be able to buy WAX on the Auction page. And we want to emphasize that the Prospectors State backs up every grain of in-game gold with real PGL.

Unfortunately, there is no place where you can buy WAX-PGL yet. We are working on the migrator, but it is going to take some time (until October 20).


Sept 10 - the start of the Assets Auction;

October - the launch of the Prospectors land on WAX.

Assets for the Auction on WAX

In-Game Gold Voucher (one per account) - 50 000 of in-game gold. There will 1000 vouchers overall. The price of this asset is going to rise after each 200 vouchers sold.

Pouch of Gold: 200 000 of in-game gold.

Bag of Gold: 400 000 of in-game gold.

Sack of Gold: 800 000 of in-game gold.

Cart of Gold: 1 000 000 of in-game gold and a cart as a present.

Wagon of Gold: 2 000 000 of in-game gold and a wagon as a present.

Beginner’s Set - this set consists of 7 different tools for different purposes (all, except a gold pan). Those who will have all the tools will be able to do varied work - explore and extract, build and create.

Researcher’s Set -3 pairs consisting of a gold pan and a pickax, so you can explore three plots. You’ll find out whether a plot has gold deposits, and if so, how much gold they contain.

Speculator’s Set - 50 units of some tool, which you can use for yourself or sell them on the market. Make other prospectors happy and earn good money.

Building Set - Each building set will include all the necessary materials and tools to build that particular building.

Cart - three carts which allow your worker to move significant volumes of cargo (+70 kg per worker). It doesn’t require any additional skills or resources.

Wagon - one wagon, which significantly increases the efficiency of transportation of materials, minerals, tools, and various goods (+220 kg per worker).

Breaking new ground

Meanwhile, the state executives have chosen the location for the central plot and started construction on the Town Hall. We are all looking forward to exploring the new Prospectors land on the WAX blockchain, and excited to see our community grow. It is going to be another great adventure, and another chance to experience the thrilling life of a gold miner looking to strike it rich!

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