The Prospectors Railway

The Prospectors Railway is a huge project that our developers and all Prospectors citizens have been dreaming about since the very beginning. This transport vein which will go under the insurmountable mountains, above the deepest gorges and powerful rivers, will connect the wide world of prospectors. Now, almost a year after the Prospectors launch, this dream has become a reality! We are happy to announce that this essential project is on its way.

The first railway will connect Wild West with Yukon, the next will help boomtown settlers to transport mined treasures to the homeland.

The railway will be the second public project of Prospectors, yet it will be the first of its kind since it will function in a different way.

The team spent a lot of time considering different options of development and we are thrilled to announce that we’ve found a solution, yet we need your help. The system will allow players to become shareholders for contributing to the railway construction, and be rewarded once the railway begins to function.

Introducing: Prospectors State Shares

Prospectors State Share, or PSS, is a standard token which gives you the opportunity to get your share of income by contributing to Public projects. Shares can be earned by taking part in the construction as a member of the workforce, or as a provider of building materials.

The Construction of the railway is the first project of this kind. All participants will become shareholders at the very moment when they pass materials or take a job order for the project. This action will automatically mint PSS and stake them on behalf of that player. So PSS of all State shareholders is safely linked to their account.

After the public project, (in this case the railway) is finished, its income will be divided among all shareholders after a tax deduction.

All citizens will have the opportunity to become shareholders by working together to complete the project. Any citizens who participate in the construction of the Railway will get one state share for every 1 min of donated work, and 10 state shares for each 1 kg of materials donated by them toward the railway construction.

Constructing the railway:

  1. Deliver all necessary materials and resources to the Central Storage on the plot -1/-1. Pass them to the State through the buying orders in the shop
  2. Create a building job order. Any citizen can do it after all materials needed for the current building stage are available in the Central Storage.
  3. Complete all jobs and repeat for the next stage.

The initial railway connecting the Wild West and the Yukon will be launched as soon as the building has been completed in both lands.

Trains may depart only after the completion of the railway, however, trains may arrive at a railway station once at least 1 stage of building is completed.

Train schedule

The train will depart every 12 hours from each land (twice a day) at 00:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC. The train capacity is 10 000 kg. The user can have no more than 4 orders at a time, and orders cannot be merged.

The minimum transportation order can be as small as 10 кg, the maximum ones can reach 5000 кg and remember, Gold cannot be transferred by the railway.

The transportation orders can be registered before the train departure. The price of transportation is determined with a gold/kg сoefissient. Players will decide how much they want to pay to transport their cargo, and the highest paying orders will go first.

Any cargo remaining will wait for the next train. Also, if the last transportation order contains more cargo than the free space available, it will be fully transported anyway

Reward Distribution among PSS Holders

The income from every train outing will have a tax rate of 25%, and the remaining 75% will be exchanged to PGL and transferred to the Railway Property Fund, of which 10% will be distributed among the shareholders on a daily basis.

This is an opportunity for all Prospectors players to become an investor and be rewarded as a shareholder of an in-game project! The Railway will be launched in June, so use this time wisely and be prepared!

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