The Prospectors Team Announces Its Another Project

Hey there, dearest prospectors, long-time members of our community, and our new friends as well! We went quite a long way together. And each member of the Prospectors team appreciates your loyalty and support!

Today we want to share some HUGE news with you about our plans to continue expanding our blockchain game development, the Prospectors project, and much much more.

Crypto Space for Crypto Gamers

During these years of development, we’ve realized that the blockchain space brings many hurdles for game developers and players alike. The specifics of the crypto space create a lot of difficulties, some you may be familiar with, and others you may not know about. Several issues for players to deal with, such as network resources like CPU, create obvious friction points. For example, on some blockchains, players would have to pay fees for every smallest move.

And it happens, that joy from playing is not as big as the price you had to pay. So, the amount of crypto players stays limited, and only real believers are hanging in the crypto space and supporting the game developers.

Yet we all are still here, creating and playing because we believe that freedom presented by blockchain technology is worth it! We believe that this is just the beginning! All the obstacles were learning opportunities which forced us to develop our skills and to become better. And we are eager to keep evolving the crypto space for gamers, to expand it, alluring more and more players in it by creating new great projects.

One More Crypto Project of the Prospectors Team

From the very beginning, the Prospectors Project was driven by one big Idea. The idea that we can make Gold Rush Epoque alive again, that we can share these feelings of excitement with our players. And we made it! Life within the Prospectors Project is as close to real-life as it could be.

Along the way, we’ve been thinking about another great idea, and we feel that now is the perfect time to act. Our blockchain games development team is expanding and we’ve started working on a new project.

We are very excited to tell you about the new crypto game we’ve been working on. Drumroll, Please! Welcome Tribal Books!

Tribal Books is a free-to-play online digital collectible, step-by-step, NFT-card game. The chase on the playing field happens between two randomly chosen players. The player should combine a limited amount of his cards in the deck before the round starts. Also, the player chooses one of his Tribal Books with magic forces to use those forces from the book during the round.

The players compete with each other using the cards and magical forces. Only one will become a winner. The winner receives knowledge which helps to study the Tribal Books and open new magical forces tied to it.

  • Collect NFT cards.
  • Use them to beat the foe.
  • Upgrade your Tribal Book to open powerful magic forces.
  • Become the hero who will restore the greatness of the enchanted heart-cities and get their treasures!

The NFTs Sale

The very first Tribal Books NFTs will be available for purchase in the form of packs. Those packs will contain unique NFT playing cards that will be of a limited edition, and won’t be reproduced in the future.

Each card and Tribal Book is a rare collectible and tradable asset, assigned to its owner on the blockchain. The initial series of Tribal Books NFT’s will be issued on the WAX blockchain. In the future, additional series of the game assets may be issued on multiple blockchains.

The player can store or trade the cards and Tribal Books using appropriate marketplaces. The Tribal Books Cards Sale is your chance to get unique NFT-assets on the early stage of the development of the project.

So, we welcome you to join the community of the Tribal Books project in its Telegram, Twitter and Medium. Track the news about the development on the site.

And don’t worry, our dedicated team of developers will continue their hard work on the very first on-chain MMO Prospectors. As we continue to grow our team to develop more decentralized games, we appreciate the continued support from our original blockchain gaming community. You guys are the best!

More info soon.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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