The Prospectors world introduces the first outside dapp

Hey, fellow Prospectors!

We have some exciting news to share with you. A few months ago we started receiving applications from DAPP developers who would like to become a part of the Prospectors reality. The most important requirement was to comply with Gold Rush Epoque. During that time, we received several proposals from different teams and we appreciate their enthusiasm.

We are happy to announce the first outside DAPP will soon become available in the Prospectors world. We chose the DAPP which we believe is most suitable for the town of gold hunters.

So it’s happening, the Prospectors world is becoming the platform! Soon citizens of Wild West and Yukon will have some more options for pastime.

Dapp developers take notice, we are still accepting proposals. Join Prospectors now!

We want to highlight, that this announcement doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped our search for DAPPs which have the potential to become a natural part of the Prospectors reality. If you are a developer of a cool DAPP Game with an environment that could have existed within Gold Rush time, maybe your game could become part of Prospectors World.

So if you are a developer who has a dapp that fulfills our requirements listed below, please contact us. We invite developers of high-quality DAPPs which meet the following requirements, for collaboration:

  • your DAPP should fit within the reality of the Prospectors world
  • your DAPP should be fully developed on a compatible EOSio blockchain

If overall your DAPP is appropriate we are eager to help with the art design and make it a true part of Prospectors Reality.

Take the first step to becoming a part of the Prospectors Universe.

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Play now:

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