The Reward Fund (WAX) is about to Be Bursting with PGL

3 min readDec 22, 2021


Ho-ho-ho🎅🏼, and happy holidays to our dear community! We’ve prepared a nice Christmas present for all you, supporters and believers! An unprecedented increase of rewards from deposits in PGL! On the eve of Christmas, to be exact on December 23, a quarter of all PGL collected during the Grand Land Sales so far (around 600K PGL) will be infused into the Prospectors Reward Fund (WAX) instantly increasing payments for all Central Bank PGL deposits several times.

The rest of PGL collected during the land sales until today will be distributed among three funds left: the Fund of New Plots, the Fund of Development&In-game Events, and the Fund of Destruction. Those Funds will receive 25% of the collected PGL each as well.

PGL (WAX) Deposits become a few times more profitable

If you are an experienced Prospectors player, you know that one of the best ways to arrange your passive income is to stake your PGL by opening a deposit account in the Central Bank.

And now it’s even more true than ever before!

At the moment the Reward Fund holds around 80K PGL.

We are going to add 600K PGL more !!! That’s right 600K, we didn’t make a mistake.

We’ve taken into account the fact that In order to keep the balance of PGL circulating, we’ll change the coefficient of payments from 1% of PGL kept in Reward Fund per day to 0,5% per day. Your payments will increase more than 4 times! REWARDS

The rewards will be divided between all deposited PGL, according to the ratio of deposited by a player PGL to the total amount of deposited PGL per day. The Player’s portion of the rewards will be credited to his balance and can be claimed at his convenience.

How it works?

All you have to do is stake your PGL and get your reward on a daily basis.

Please be aware that you won’t be able to use your PGL (spend, sell, pass or exchange) while they are staked.

Your withdrawn PGL will be available 72 hours after you confirm your action. If you withdraw again while your PGL is in the unstaking period, the withdrawal timer will be reset, and all your withdrawn PGL will be available 72 hours later.

We would like to highlight that we are talking about the Fund of Reward on WAX here which previously was represented by the Central Bank of Yukon and is a joint organization for all the lands on WAX (for now those are Yukon and the Grand Land).

To make things more accessible to get the passive income from PGL, we are going to place the Staking button on the site. Also, you’ll be able to open the deposit in the bank of each Prospector’s land on WAX, as it was before.

Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Sleep tight knowing your PGL tokens are earning a steady passive income for you even at night!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You, our dear fellow Prospectors!




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