The Settlers Have Triumphed!

WOOHOO! The settlers have triumphed! Once again the settlers won the challenge on the 42nd day and finished the railway on time. The settlers still have 8 days remaining to continue mining and manufacturing before the Boomtown becomes a ghost town. The exchange office is operating 24/7 to be able to serve all customers, who lined up in the long queue, driven by the desire to put mined gold on their accounts. The Eagle Railway also works non-stop delivering resources mined in Tombstone and stuff produced there, back to the Yukon.

The settlers have eight more days to complete all their plans and to mine as much gold and other resources as possible. As you probably remember, the size of the prize depends on the amount of gold that will be converted by settlers, since 50% of the commission from exchanging gold goes directly to the Prize Fund.

If you have been lucky enough to earn some QPSS. You’ll get your part of the prize at night after the challenge ends. Meanwhile, you still have enough time to mine some gold. Use every minute efficiently!







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