The Tombstone Boomtown: let’s talk numbers

The launch of the very first Boomtown in the history of Prospectors is fastly approaching. Tombstone will be the richest land ever seen by prospectors citizens, and we expect this fast-paced, race against the clock, a new style of gameplay to be the most exciting yet.

Meanwhile, we are finishing all the last minute details and polishing up the user interface to ensure a smooth and successful launch of this rich but inhospitable land.

Today we are going to announce some important numbers, necessary to plan a prosperous journey to the Tombstone Boomtown.

The Tombstone Boomtown:

The GAMEPLAY is a ‘players against the game’ format

The Tombstone’s LIFETIME is 60 days.

The GOAL is to finish The Railway in the allotted time.

The PRIZE is Tombstone’s State Fund.

The MAP is 54X54 (2916 plots overall).

The Tombstone soil holds 9 500 000 PGL in GOLD,

and 10 000 000 kg of every other RESOURCE

All Gold plots available are 32K-PLOTS.

Starting price of the plot RENT — 108,000 gold.

COMMISSION for the conversion of gold is 50%.

All Gold plots available are 32k-plots!!

The Multiplier for mining gold on plots within the Boomtown will be the following:

Gold mine level 1 – 0.6

Gold mine level 2 – 0.9

Gold mine level 3 – 1.2

How to become a QPSS holder and get a part of the prize

If they are on time, the prize, in this case, the whole Tombstone Railway Property Fund will be divided among all QPSS holders.

So, how to become one of those lucky chosen ones. The way is one and the same for everyone: take part in the railway construction.

All settlers, who will join the construction of the Railway will get 10 state shares for each 1 kg of materials donated by them toward the railway construction, and one state share for every 1 min of donated work.

Keep in mind that only 100 workers can build the Railway at the same time!

1 kg materials = 10 QPSS

1 min work. = 1 QPSS

The Railway: necessary building materials and the functionality, step by step

After completion of the first level, the Railway will be able to receive trains with cargos from the Wild West.

List of building materials, needed for the first stage of the Railway:

Stone — 5 000 kg

Wood_girder — 1 000

Clay_brick — 4 000

Clay — 2 000 kg

Clay_tile — 1 500

Nails — 5 000

List of building materials, needed for the second stage of the Railway:

Stone_rubble — 65 000

Wood_tie — 300

Iron_rail — 120

Tie_cotter — 1 200

List of building materials, needed for the third stage of the Railway:

Iron_plate — 1 000

Steel_plate — 50

Wood_board — 1 000

Wood_girder — 400

Nails — 3000

After all three stages of the railway construction are complete, the first level is accomplished. The Railway will then be able to depart and receive trains with cargos from the Wild West. You will be able to transport all goods and resources except gold and bank licenses. Transportation of raw mined gold by railway is forbidden.

LEVEL2. Building time — 1 530 000 min

List of building materials needed to upgrade the Railway to the 2nd level:

Stone_rubble — 585 000

Wood_tie — 2700

Iron_rail — 1080

Tie_cotter — 10 800

After this level of the Railway is completed, the settlers will step on the finish line of the Boomtown Challenge, constructing the exchanging office, which will enable converting of the raw gold into the gold on the account.

Scheme of the Boomtown Railway Property Fund distribution

The gold converting commission is 50%. Charged gold goes to the Tombstone Railway Property Fund, as well as all the taxes and payments for the Railroad function.

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