The Very First Boomtown of Prospectors: a gold rush challenge

The “Boomtown Challenge” is an entirely new type of gameplay in the Prospectors reality, players against the game.

The first Boomtown will be an exciting opportunity and a great challenge at the same time. It’s an adventure for those who dare to risk and be tough enough to win. Teamwork is one of the essential factors on the path to victory since there is no option to win just by yourself; either all the settlers lose or all of them find success together!

The Challenge

The stage is set. A huge gold deposit is found in the dry desert highland. The most prosperous land ever discovered and full of different resources, it has all of the makings of a classic Boomtown. The desert climate is hot and inhospitable, and water is scarce. These adverse conditions will give the miners a short mining season, and to win settlers have to build the railroad before the summer heat turns the desert into scorched earth. Boomtown settlers will only have around two months to develop their business and mine as much gold and other resources as they can. The goal is to finish the Railway and transfer the resources back to the permanent prospectors land Wild West before the water runs dry, and the Boomtown becomes a ghost town.

If the settler’s win and the railroad is finished in time, they will be able to exchange their extracted gold into gold on their accounts at the “Exchange office” located within the railway station. Сommission on gold exchanging operations is 50%.

Transportation of raw mined gold by railway is forbidden. The victory also means they will get the dividends for participation in the railway construction and will be able to transport extracted resources back to the permanent world using the Railway.

If they fail to complete the Challenge in time, they will leave the Boomtown empty-handed.

All settlers, who will join the construction of the Railway will get 10 state shares for each 1 kg of donated by them on the railway construction, and one state share for the 1 min of donated work.

The majority of the collected commission from the all gold exchanging operations will be distributed between owners of the state shares according to their share.

Get prepared!

Since time is of the essence, you’ll want to be prepared and hit the ground running. So before the launch of the first Boomtown, we will hold the Assets Auction on May 15th, 2020 at 13:00 UTC, where you‘ll be able to purchase everything you need for a powerful start. We will reveal all of the details about the Assets Auction soon.

With great risk comes great reward! So team up with your friends and get ready for the most exciting Prospectors challenge yet!

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