True Prospector’ Story #2: Investor

We continue our series of interviews with Prospectors players, who managed to reach success in the game. They are from different countries, they use different strategies, but they all believe in Prospectors. So let’s get to know our next Prospector citizen who found success.

Meet our guest Maikel, a longtime supporter and active member of the prospectors community. He’s been playing since the first beta, and took part in the auction and came into the game with assets like tools and a building kit . He has been successful working with an alliance and continues to run his shops including an iron furnace .

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What are you doing in real life? Something interesting that will describe you as a person.

Maikel, from the Netherlands playing with account snipercrypto. In real life, I work for a company in electrical security systems.

2. Today is a month and something after the Prospectors launch? How is it going?

Doing alright so far because of the early entry and had the chance to rent some plots.

3. Tell us a little bit about your Prospectors business. In what point are you now?

Running an iron furnace, stoneshop and a goldmine. Furnace and stone shop are built by the union and serve their purpose for the union. The goldmine is getting the gold income to get further in this game now.

4. Did you have any strategy at the start?

As a union we decided to get a toolshop going first and build this all together. The sawmill and stone shop followed shortly after.

We played the earlier beta together so we knew what was coming in rough lines.

5. Are you here on your own or with friends? Tell us about your teammates.

Met some other players in the earlier beta and stayed together and added some other players on the way to auction. Mostly we are from different countries.

6. For how long do you know about the Project?

The day the team got over to the eos network

7. How much time do you spend in Prospectors? Did your daily routine change after the launch?

At the beginning it was almost a full time job. Took a week off from my day job to start with the game. For now it’s more relaxed and set work for the workers at specific times.

8. What features would you add if you can add any?

Union functions would be great to share work orders and exchange materials and tools for union prices.

9. What is the biggest issue you met playing Prospectors? How did you solve it?

The maximum orders. Always struggle with the 10 order maximum. Have to keep track of every transport or manufacturing orders open. Managing this now by only setting work which gets taken right away so it doesn’t take a spot for the order maximum.

10. Three pieces of advice from you for Prospectors beginners?

Team up and make deals with other players.

Interview by Bonz Manifest

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