True stories from Prospectors: Golden Axe Alliance

As anyone who has played Prospectors knows, partnering with a friend, or joining an alliance has many advantages. Since the very beginning of the game, people have joined forces for mutual benefit and to assist each other by providing various services, resources or support in general. There are many alliances already working together within the game of Prospectors. They are all working towards a shared goal but may be operating in very different ways.

Working together as a group has some obvious perks, but many players wonder, how exactly do the alliances' function? Well, to this there is no concrete answer. So, for the next few interviews, I have decided to ask a few members of some of the more prominent alliances within the game, some questions about their alliance and how they function. In this week’s interview, we will meet Adolpho, the founder of the very successful “Golden Axe alliance”. They are very active in the Prospectors community and have their own thriving community on Telegram. “orendadilnok“, as he is known in the game, has been studying the dynamics of the game and expanding his group since the first beta test. The group has flourished under his leadership, so let’s get to know Adolpho and learn a little bit about the “Golden Axe” alliance and how they have become such a force in the world of Prospectors.

Please Introduce yourself, and tell us a little about your background? What do you do in real life and do you think that your background helps you in the game of Prospectors?

Adolpho Gelendvagen, aka “orendadilnok” founder of Golden Axe alliance. In real life, I have more than 10 years of managing experience, including real estate and vehicle trading. I also own a mushroom farm. All of this helps me greatly in Prospectors game.

When did you first hear about Prospectors and what were your initial impressions? Has the game lived up to your expectations?

Back in 2017 at one of the crypto conferences, I got very interested — never heard anything like that before — real virtual life — WOW — seemed like a cool idea… This is how I and my friends got to be early investors of the game. And did it meet my expectations? — Yes, I’m definitely enjoying this game.

Tell us a little bit about the alliance you work with. What is the name of your alliance and why did you choose to work with them?

We participated in all three tests of the game, which allowed us to form our team and develop a strategy for the upcoming EOS mainnet release. We clearly realized that Prospectors is meant to be played with friends, so that is how our alliance was formed.

We all know there are many benefits to working with an alliance, but what do you feel is the greatest benefit to working within an alliance as opposed to going solo?

In the game, just like in real life, if You are working solo — You are responsible for everything yourself, but when working in a team, You can distribute responsibilities and tasks, approach complex tasks collectively and reach Your goals faster and easier. Besides, there is always present some kind of competitive spirit and tons of other emotions, not to mention, that discussing everything in groups is captivating — and it really energizes!

What kinds of strategies does your alliance use? Tell us about the decision-making process, and how your team makes the decisions to implement your strategy. Does your alliance have any kind of Council?

Our strategy includes development in all possible directions within Prospectors world, but it often changes in accordance to where the game is heading. All decisions are made after discussing and voting in our closed telegram group, though the final word is always after me.

Did you have to inject capital at the start? How much approximately was it and tell us how your investment has performed? Would you consider it a “success”?

Yes, I invested 500$ back in “golden 2017”. Generally, I’m pretty satisfied with how everything turned out, though I had some doubts and unpleasant moments, due to the long waiting time.

How many members are currently in your alliance, and are you accepting new members? What do you tell new members who are looking to join an alliance?

As for now, around 30 players, some are more active, others are less. Most of them are our friends. Growing numbers is complex task: we don’t need freeloaders and spies (though we understand they are hard to avoid), we are eager to see clever and responsible people among our ranks, who are not only interested in the financial aspect of the game but who are willing to build own business, capture new lands, involve themselves into mind games… Just like real life. We are waiting to see new rules regarding alliances, which developers are going to bring us. One thing I can say for sure — one who leaves our alliance will never be able to come back.

How do you distribute tasks among the alliance members, monitor carrying out of tasks, and distribute the income? Are there manufacturing quotas?

At the beginning of the game, we all had our golden tickets and tried our best to play 24/7, to be first in everything… it was totally cool! Now everyone is doing his particular task: someone is producing goods, others build and mine resources and there are the ones who transport stuff. Every participant of our alliance has a work certificate, a full set of tools and wagon. When needed we come to each other’s aid — especially when it comes to transportation. All this organization is very time-consuming. And regarding profit distribution? Everything is fair.

Does an alliance member have any freedom to act on his own, and are their rules set in place which will determine what members can and cannot do outside the group?

Every alliance member has to be a reliable friend and partner to others. Any activity outside of alliance has an individual approach and members should be informed about it.

What does the future look like for your alliance? Are there long term goals and plans that your alliance would like to achieve?

We have a single goal — be first in everything. This game is for adults, who want to have some fun and as a bonus get financial rewards for that. Also, thanks to our competitors — You are making us stronger.

What specific feature do you think would be the most helpful to improve the functionality of alliances in Prospectors? And what features would you most like to see added into the game?

We’d like to see some kind of union with common budget, deeper understanding of income-expense distribution, alliance entry/leave conditions, short player activity history, maybe some “business shares” for every participant.

Tell us your vision for the future of Prospectors and what do you think the Prospectors world will look one year from now.

To my mind, in a year, prospectors world will acquire some unbelievable features, open new worlds, the number of players will increase drastically and the token will get listed on major exchanges. Personally I expect a significant rise of PGL price, that’s why our team is accumulating capital and resources. That’s why, friends, this is only the beginning!!!

Interview by Bonz Manifest

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