True stories from Prospectors: Meet the “nomad”

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Let’s take a look into the life of successful prospectors. There are many paths to success in the Prospectors world, so we’ve begun a series of interviews with Prospectors players. Here’s a glimpse into a few of the players' strategies who have found success. They are from different countries, they use different strategies, but they all believe in Prospectors. So let’s get to know our Prospectors citizens closer.

Meet our first guest, Itachi. He plays as a “Nomad”, which is to say he doesn’t rent any plots. He started to play with just a Golden Ticket in his hand and has made great progress so far.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What are you doing in real life? Something interesting that will describe you as a person.

Well, I am a student soon to be a Chartered Accountant, and I am from Pakistan. Currently, I am doing a full-time job as an accountant along with my studies to support my family’s financial needs. I like to play chess and solve mathematical puzzles in my spare time. I Have a keen interest in new software developments.

Today is a month and something after the Prospectors launch? How is it going?

It’s getting hard to find jobs now after one month. I Missed the opportunity to capture a good plot at the start and now can’t figure out what business line to choose due to new updates and declined job salaries and sudden increase in tools prices. Overall playing this game is really fun.

Tell us a little bit about your Prospectors business. In what point are you now?

Currently playing mainly as a mining worker, actually from the very beginning, doing the same thing. And now it’s really tough to keep workers busy.

Did you have any strategy at the start?

Well about that I had no knowledge at all about this game at the start. Got my hands on a golden ticket and was just excited to see a game before the before public release so I jumped on this one. And found it interesting. Did some transportation jobs and figured out that there is a good return on the building jobs going on. So went on to find a good plot and start extracting resources and build tools for like 4–5 days. Then I went on to work the jobs and have been sending my workers to the mining jobs since then.

Are you here on your own or with friends? Tell us about your teammates.

Well I started on my own bring in brother and we were sharing tools and resources and then came the sheriff 😂 and I was just afraid that we might get jail time as we were playing in the same house with the same IP address so we started to play our separate games. As we don’t have any plot so it didn’t matter much. And then I found another player with whom I made a deal to mine on his plots with shared profits.

For how long do you know about the Project?

Well as stated above, I had no knowledge of the game and joined after getting my hands on a golden ticket for early access. And that was 2 days before it’s beta launch.

How much time do you spend in Prospectors? Did your daily routine change after the launch?

Not really. I am almost online on my phone or working on the PC in my office. Just an extra window in a browser. But sometimes I do check my account in the middle of the night 😂 on my mobile device. Other than that no big change.

What features would you add if you can add any?

Fast traveling i.e introduction of horses. Some diamonds in coal mining 😂.

What is the biggest issue you met playing Prospectors? How did you solve it?

The biggest issue is game loading. It stuck many times and hasn’t been solved yet.

Three pieces of advice from you for Prospectors beginners?

Do your research about resources, materials tools buildings. Go through academy menu and understand everything properly. And then decide whether you want to invest money and a little bit of time (require more money) or a balance between money and time or only time. And check the resource market and the jobs market. Find the best thing you can do as per your investment. Ask experienced layers for help in making decisions, there will be many who will be happy to help.

Interview by Bonz Manifest

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