True Stories from Prospectors: The life of a Gold miner

As we all know, there are many paths to success in the Prospectors world. So this week we continue our series of interviews by talking with a player who found success in the gold fields. Here’s a glimpse into his strategy, and how sometimes a little luck can go a long way.

Meet our third guest Matt. If you are active in the prospectors community, then you have probably seen some of the amazing tools he has created for the public to enjoy. Matt has sacrificed his own time to compile data from the game to create charts to track everything including the price of tools, prices of raw materials and finished goods. Interested in checking out if the price of wood is still trending up? Then check out the chart at his site. His prospectors’ story sounds like a fairytale. Arriving with the Golden Ticket, his journey began very early in the morning on his birthday! On his very first search using the researchers set he bought in the auction, he found a rich 32 million gold plot. A little birthday luck was about the best start he could hope for, but his success didn’t stop there. Want to hear more, don’t you?

I live and work as a GIS Developer in Portland, Oregon. I dig it here because we’ve got a lot of world-class activities within a short distance. So when the snow is good, I like to go snowboarding, but I’m about the same distance from the ocean if the surf is nice.

I haven’t really played many games for quite a long time, Super Nintendo was the last console I owned. Ha! But I’ve always been fascinated by gold-mining history. So with my interest in EOS, I got really excited about Prospectors!

The game is going really well for me overall. Even though it’s only been out on mainnet for a short period of time, I feel like I’ve been at it for a while. I remember trying to get into one of the beta rounds last December, but couldn’t get a spot. But I kept paying attention and got in on the Jungle round that happened a few months ago. There was also the auction which was a lot of fun!

I got really lucky before the game started and got linked up with feels like must be one of the top alliances in the game. We had a strategy at the very start to head to the low positive numbers because putting in the extra minus characters on mobile would be more challenging, which was actually really smart thinking! The Golden Ticket early access began very early in the morning on my birthday. So I woke up to many chat messages and was trying to make sense of the chaos. I just randomly picked a plot not too far away to explore with my Researcher’s Set that I bought in the auction and would allow me to explore 3 plots. After a little over an hour, my worker arrived at the plot and I hit the button to explore. Boom! I hit a rich 32 million gold plot on my first try. It was very surreal and I was literally shaking. I won’t forget it.

After a little over an hour, my worker arrived at the plot and I hit the button to explore. Boom! I hit a rich 32 million gold plot on my first try.

Since most of the members in our group had already been through a couple of beta rounds, I mostly just followed their lead. They had some great knowledge to share that wasn’t super intuitive, like get multiple workers to split up the last minutes of a build instead of one worker taking 300 minutes, so that allowed us to get up some of the game’s earliest buildings. After getting lucky with my first gold vein strike, my luck continued as I hit 16 million on my second try. So my strategy began to revolve around gold mining pretty quickly. It felt pretty cool to get the game’s very first gold mine up!

I started mostly on my own and have been lucky to meet some really cool people. That’s one of the great things about EOS and crypto in general. It’s allowed me to make new friends all over the world. I befriended a buddy from Venezuela when Karma came out and I made sure to hook him and his friends up with a bunch of free tools I bought in the auction to get them going. It’s been a total game-changer for them to earn money without investing anything. Additionally, I was definitely fortunate to get in a good alliance by staying active on Telegram. We have a super solid team and everyone kind of brings their own special something from special coding to making video tutorials.

I think I first heard about Prospectors in mid-2018. I remember seeing one of jennytopkpop’s early videos and asking her if she had any extra beta invite code. Unfortunately, she said she couldn’t help, so I had a lot of time for the FOMO to build. Haha!

Oh man, I’ve put a pretty good amount of time into the game so far. Haha! Our group was already coding tools to follow the auction before the mainnet game launched and I’ve certainly woken up in the middle of the night a few times to start my next jobs. If I had time to play more I probably would, I just like cruising around the map and seeing what’s happening, but my day job keeps me pretty busy. Now that my mining program is sort of on autopilot, I average about an hour a day. But I still spend too much time looking at Ivan’s site!

I think some features to pass the time in the game would be pretty rad. Especially if you could win more gold. PVP Texas Hold ’em feels like it would be a really natural fit. I think it would also be awesome if they introduce another world that’s in the future, like some asteroid mining or something. If there were like worm holes or warp speed travel it would be amazing. Haha!

a) The game is complex. New players should make sure to read/watch tutorials before they start playing and spending money.

b) Location is key, travel time is a killer if you have to move heavy items long distances.

c) Don’t be short-sighted and worry about the price of PGL day to day; crypto is volatile. The Prospectors staking rewards are really good, so make it a part of your plan to stake and HODL because good things are coming!

I think the hardest thing for me is wanting to make as much money as possible, but also trying to be benevolent and pay good wages at my gold mines. So I’ve just been trying to follow the trends and keep pay on the upper end of the scale. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to mine and stake at a rate that I can feel good about while also making it well worthwhile for people to come and make money mining at my plots.

Interview by Bonz Manifest

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