A Big Update News

Along with all the new buildings, tools, and materials which will emerge within the Big Update, brand new professions will appear as well. Those jobs will be more sophisticated compared to the old ones and will require experienced, trained professionals with high qualifications.

There will always be a need for jobs which do not require specialized skills in the Prospectors world. So no need to worry about all of the classic jobs like cutting wood and breaking stone, those jobs aren’t going anywhere.

Yet to fulfill some new types of jobs, your worker may be required to complete a study and earn the appropriate diploma. As Prospectors society continues developing, it’s going to call for experienced and trained professionals.

Therefore the State University will be the next building to appear in the central part of the Prospectors map. Workers will come to the University to complete a chosen study and earn a diploma, which confirms their qualifications. Studying at the University is paid and takes some time.

Worker’s qualifications in every area should be verified by a proper diploma. The worker can keep building up his qualifications in different professions until he earns the desired diplomas.

Worker’s diplomas are valid only for this particular worker, but not for his colleagues. So for example, one of your workers can have a Barista Diploma, the second one- Metallurgist and Potter Diplomas, while the third has no diploma and can only fulfill jobs which don’t require any qualification.


All Diplomas will become available soon and are listed below:

Stone Mason Diploma

Metallurgist Diploma

Potter Diploma

Carpenter Diploma

Blacksmith Diploma

Coachbuilder Diploma

Trolley Master Diploma

Coffee Roaster Diploma

Barista Diploma

Gold Miner Diploma

There are still a lot of jobs, which won’t require any qualification. So even if your worker doesn’t complete any studies, he will still be able to do almost all the jobs which existed before the Big update. With the only exception being gold mining and gold pan production. Everyone will find his new place under the Prospectors sun!

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy