Unpack Your Land, Fellow Prospectors!

3 min readOct 12, 2021

Grand Land, the land of freedom-loving prospectors, ready to face the challenges and reap the rewards of a new frontier. For the first time in history, they are heading to a land where their plots will truly be their own.

This time everything is different

Our players will remember that all the previous Prospectors lands have started from the chase of gold-seekers who have been hunting the best, closest to the center, richest for resourses plots. Often prospectors had to watch while sought after plots were snatched from under their very nose by another player.

This time you already are holding a pack with an Ownership Certificate on some specific plot in your wallet. Yet the region and coordinates of it will be specified at the very moment of unpacking.

After you unbox your land you will know its exact location and you won’t be able to change it. If you love your plot location, great, keep it! If not, you can always sell it on the market. But we would advise you to think before selling, since any plot could be worth much more than a good location. Any plot in any location could hold a huge deposit of gold or other valuable resources. Unpacking won’t show you the quantity or type of resources the plot deposits. To get this information you should send your worker to the plot and explore it after the launch.

How to get my coffee?!

Only for three days (October 12–15)

Every landowner, should unpack their land and get the Ownership Certificate no later than 72 hours after the unpacking starts, to be awarded 10 cups of coffee! This coffee NFT will be transferred to your account along with the Ownership Certificate. After activation in the game, your 10 cups of coffee will be available for drinking in the central storage of Grand Land.

Why workers like coffee so much: after drinking coffee they move twice as fast, they have access to a longer list of available jobs, they can transport goods faster, which is crucial within the endless plains of the Grand Land.

And the best for the last: since Grand Land climate is too cold, coffee does not grow there. Perhaps, it will be imported from the Wild West after the Grand Land Railroad is finished. But who knows… Until then unpacking could be a unique opportunity to stock up on coffee. Don’t wait….Valid for three days only.

Go and get it!!!

Unpack Prospectors Grand Land

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Buy Prospectors Land

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