Vehicles Auction Launch: Are you Ready for the Raсe?

Are you ready for the raсe?! Today we launch the Prospectors Vehicles Auction. A great chance to get yourself some cool wheels. Here’s some info on how to participate and some reasons why owning any vehicle will make your life easier.

How to Participate in the Prospectors Vehicles Auction

The order of the auction, overall, is the same as during the Assets Auction.

In order to bid on a chosen vehicle, you need to have an EOS account and some PGL there. Prospectors Gold (PGL) will be needed to purchase any of the items in the auction. If you have no PGL on your account, you can get it on Newdex.

As soon as you are ready, visit the auction page to view all current auction items available to bid on. Make a bid for the chosen items. On the item’s tab, you see, who makes the last bid in the ‘Who leads’ line. Under the item window, you see all available vehicles. Those items where your bids are the last one will be with “My” label on it.

The auction time will be extended for 3 minutes whenever a new bid is submitted during the last 3 min of the auction. So here you can also see all the lots which are still active after the previous auction stage.

Once you claim your items, they will appear on your Simple Market page. You are able to look over all the vehicles you’ve bought in “My Items” page.

The auction is divided into stages. Each auction stage will last 7 hours, so it’s easy to take part in it around the world. There will be 21 auction stages overall. The auction of the assets will last for 7 auction days (6 calendar days).

One wagon and three carts will be sold on each day of the Vehicles Auction, making a total of 21 carts and 7 wagons overall.

All auction items are Simple Digital assets so you can sell it or give to anyone. You’ll be able to use all vehicles you’ve bought only after the game release (a provisional date — 29 June 2019)

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Get a vehicle to make a fast start!

And now a few reasons why owning a cart at the start is good, and owning a wagon is even better.

So all Assets bought from the Prospectors Asset Auction will appear at the center location on the map within a State building. Players can take their assets at any time and they should transport those assets to their plot after they rent one. Although, moving any significant amount of resources any distance can be arduous and time-consuming. Using a vehicle to expedite this process would be a great advantage.

Also, there will be a lot of free plots at the beginning. So any player will be able to mine resources at the free plots, and then transport them to his plot. It’ll be much easier with a vehicle.

And even if you don’t have any Prospectors assets to transport, chances are that many other players will be in need of transport services. By performing well paid transporting jobs, your investment in a vehicle could be a profitable business!

Be ready to make your bid!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be among the first to secure assets, and guarantee a successful start and future!

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