We start a tremendous video challenge “Prospectors’ chronicles”!

Updated September 11, 2019!!!

Hey, guys! Pull out your phone, grab your camera!

We start a tremendous video challenge “Prospectors’ chronicles”. The most creative, funny, emotional video will get an unimaginable super prize — 5000 PGL. The second and third places will get 1000 PGL each!

1. Shoot a video. Stop! Before capturing start read the rules below. Done with rules? Great, let’s make a legendary video!

2. Send final version of your video to our Telegram admins @LukeJ or @DannyEos

3. Wait for the results! The winners will be chosen by a jury of known in the crypto community persons through voting. Their videos will be published on our official channel and spread through social media.


  • You must send us only your own original content in order to participate in our challenge. You guarantee that any such content you’ve sent to us belongs to you.
  • The video should be about gold mining or Prospectors Game, at least in HD quality
  • It should contain Prospectors logo (download here)
  • Duration — 30 sec — 3 min.
  • Due date — October 10, 2019.

To take part in the contest the video cannot be:

• a simple game review

• a video with a static image and an offscreen voice

You may not engage in any of the following actions:

• create several accounts with a view to participating in the video challenge

• publish any content with discrimination on any basis, including race, color, national origin, sex, and religion, or engage in any form of hate speech

We are looking forward to seeing your masterpieces!

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy