IOTA, Bitshares, EOS — What Fits Best?

IOTA, Bitshares, EOS — What Fits Best?

We’d like to confess that back in February 2018 we started to doubt: would EOS really fulfill what it had promised? Well, many of us had a lot of doubts in February, hadn’t we? :)

According to our White Paper, we were to choose the blockchain technology between EOS, Bitshares and IOTA. Still, we had some time to consider options until our promised test versions with EOS, due to our Road Map. We decided to find out how our project would work on Bitshares technology.

So said so done. 300 mugs of coffee, a dozen of sleepless nights, and after a three-week work, we understood that Bitshares wouldn’t provide us the necessary speed. Well then, time to move forward. Although Bitshares is the creation of Dan Larimer, it’s just a very simple and slow EOS.

Next, we moved to IOTA. Two weeks of thorough analysis led us to the conclusion that this technology wasn’t the best choice for us either.

Fortunately, the team pleased us with the new releases for developers. EOS dawned on us like the light after the darkness, and we, having rubbed our eyes, understood that there was nothing better at the moment. So, step by step, we’re walking accompanied by EOS.

And it rocks, we should say! Big thanks to Dan Larimer and team for this impressive technology. There are some weird things ever and again, and some features happen to be undescribed, but their technical support always reacts and helps to fix everything.

Right now, work’s going according to the plan. At the moment, we’re creating a decentralized part of the game. We are grateful to our community for believing in us and patiently waiting for this day. And now — onward and upward!

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