Development on Prospectors continues to move forward! Today we’re going to talk about the progress of Prospectors alliances, the most recently added features, and about the “Wombattle”, a new contest for dedicated workers.

Prospectors Alliances’ TOP 5

The alliances’ update was just deployed a bit more than a week ago, yet 30 alliances are already in the Prospectors’ unions list. A few of them are still waiting for participants, while others continue attracting more members day after day.

Let’s look over the current top 5 Alliances:

1st place — Prospectors (242 members)

2nd place — Golden..axe (163 members)

3rd place — 24.karat — (91 members)

4th place — Prospecsfun (51 members)

5th place — Kingofgames (40 members)

New Features for the Alliances

This week was pretty intense as we were trying to be on time with the new pack of features for the alliances.

After the fresh update on Friday, our citizens got a new option — the ability to create jobs and trade orders which can only be accepted by members of their alliance.

So now players can show their loyalty to colleagues by setting a higher salary for them or by giving them a chance to buy items for lower prices.

It’s a great tool for those groups who want to work on the same project together, trade goods exclusively or build a complex business together. In that case, all the workers can fulfill a job together with minimal prices. The combinations of new functionality usage can differ, but certainly, it’s a great tool for alliance leaders to manage workers and execute their strategy.

Wombat Contest

Our friends from the Wombat wallet know how to have fun and provide incentives for Prospectors. Right now they are carrying out a contest for the Prospectors citizens called Wombattle: Part 2.

The main goal of the contest is to find the true “real-workers” in the Prospectors land. Its’ participants had to show their diligence and tirelessness. At first, Wombat said that the 20 players who work the hardest will each get a share of the 5,000 PGL prize pool. But a few days later they changed the conditions and raised the prize pool up to 10,000 PGL!

The challenge started yesterday on the 28th of October (9 am UTC). So you still have a chance to join in. It will be held until the 1st of November (1 pm UTC). You can find more info here. Good luck to all the participants.

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Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy