Where Do You Hold Your Gold? The Banking System of Prospectors

A Big Update News

From the early days of wild habitat to the structured society we see today, the Prospectors world is continuously evolving. We have seen the economy mature with a system of citizens’ roles and industrial buildings. The next phase of development for the Prospectors world will include the birth of an entirely new commercial enterprise. Today we will talk about the future Banking industry of Prospectors.

The central function of the new banking system is to provide citizens the service of converting mined Gold into the ‘in-game’ Gold by depositing it on the bank account.

The Prospectors Government will create a public-works project and construct a Central Bank, which will then enable a system of private Banks to be built by issuing “Banking Licenses”. The Banks will provide different services and earn commissions in the process.

Central Bank

We are Introducing the first-ever public works project in the prospectors land. The State will place a government order to begin construction of the Central Bank. Prospectors citizens will be able to supply the necessary resources and materials as well as fulfill building job orders until the work gets done.

In order for a citizen to convert mined gold into gold on his account, his worker has to bring mined gold to the Bank. Then the player should confirm the action of conversion.

!!! You should be aware that there will be no banking services offered until the first Central Bank is completed. As soon as the Central bank construction starts, citizens won’t be able to convert mined gold into gold on their accounts.

!!!So, they should plan ahead and hold some gold on the account to keep their business running during this period.

After construction is finished, citizens will be able to convert mined gold into ‘in-game’ gold at the Central Bank.

Banking License and Private Banks

Any Prospectors citizens can open their own private Bank as long as they own a Banking license. The main task of the Central Bank is to issue Banking licenses to the people who want to start their own Bank.

Once any resident owns a Banking License, they have the right to construct a private Bank and provide different banking services there. For example, they may convert mined gold into gold on their accounts with a chosen commission. Each Bank, which is a private enterprise, can choose the commission it will charge from every transaction within limits provided by State. The Commission of the Central Bank is the highest in the land.

If the owner of the Bank decides to go out of business, he will be able to sell this license together with the building through the auction or sell it separately after he destroys the building.

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