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Each plot, (except the State plots and free land around the perimeter), will be reserved per the corresponding NFT. The owner of that NFT is entitled to the resources on that plot. So, newcomers who own no plots will still be able to explore and mine resources, but only within the free land.

August 25 — Open Sale🚀

  • Amount of plots — 5776
  • Currency — PGL
  • Price — 1299 PGL
  • Each pack contains ONE land plot
  • The Sale starts at 4 pm UTC
  • Cooldown — 10 min
  • It will last until the last land will be sold.

🔥🔥🔥The Sale link: 👉 Join Now🚀🚀🚀.

By the way, all PGL collected as a…

A day in the life of the average Prospector is not an easy one, but it’s a simple life. Hard work fills his days with trials and tribulations that can bring great joy. The hope of the next big gold strike keeps his heart filled with hope.

Meanwhile, the days of filling his purse with gold are becoming few and far between. The ground has been worked over and his hard work can barely pay for a good hot meal. Actually, he can not remember the last time when he brought home a notable sum catch. …

Hey fellow Prospectors.
We know you have been anxiously awaiting news about the sale of plots in the Grand Land. We have been busy working on the various technical issues including the process for creating the whitelist.

Yet here’s the thing. Dozens of letters from citizens of Wild West keep coming to the Prospectors Government Post Office daily.
Please do not forget about us, — they say, — “We were the first ones. We were with you from the beginning, do not forget about us!”
This has created an issue for us since the sale will be held on WAX…

From the very beginning, when the idea of ​​Prospectors had just been born in the mind of its creator, the main goal was to emulate the reality of the Gold Rush as much as possible. So Prospectors started its journey to the virtual reality it’s become, yet one aspect wasn’t taken into account. Back in the days of the original Gold Rush, mining rights were guaranteed once a prospector staked his claim on a piece of land, and there was no rent hanging over their head. Finally, we can make this a reality within the Grand Land of Prospectors!


An eagle is soaring above unbounded green plains where large herds of deer graze, above dark pristine forests where bears roam as the sole lords of the land. It is a Grand Land indeed, and its wealth is waiting for you fellow Prospectors.

Today we will be announcing the roadmap of our journey to the Prospectors dreamland, the new home of Prospectors, “Grand Land”.

We will very clearly define the parameters around the sale of plots, so that you can be fully prepared to participate.

We understand the frustration around delays or when launch dates get pushed back. So with…

A new hope for prospectors, a permanent land with enormous deposits of gold and no rent.

Tension in the air feels like a calm before the storm. The dust has settled from the last Boomtown adventure and settlers are ready to rush into a new adventure. Gold deposits and other resources within the Prospectors permanent lands continue depleting month after month. Citizens of The Wild West and Yukon are eager to see a new perspective. The silence within Prospectors feels even stronger against the whirl of the outstanding events that are happening all around us.

Now a new era for…

The last Eagle settlers have left the city. Abandoned buildings look outside with their hollow dark windows, while the freezing wind blows upon them. The once-bustling Eagle city has been reduced to a frozen ghost town. Meanwhile, the settlers are heading back home with bags full of gold. They want to see their families, and they have reason to celebrate since they won again. Everything was against them, yet after a historical motivational telegram post from community member Mason, they rallied together with their friends, and real work began. …

WOOHOO! The settlers have triumphed! Once again the settlers won the challenge on the 42nd day and finished the railway on time. The settlers still have 8 days remaining to continue mining and manufacturing before the Boomtown becomes a ghost town. The exchange office is operating 24/7 to be able to serve all customers, who lined up in the long queue, driven by the desire to put mined gold on their accounts. The Eagle Railway also works non-stop delivering resources mined in Tombstone and stuff produced there, back to the Yukon.

The settlers have eight more days to complete all…

Meanwhile in the Eagle boomtown settlers are very close to begin the Railway update by building the exchange office. They require only 670 Iron Rails to start working. As you probably know, after the construction of the exchange office is completed, miners will be able to exchange raw gold for gold on their accounts. Also, this will mean the boomtown settlers’ victory.

Hey, fellow Prospectors! Are your bags packed? It’s time to depart! The Eagle boomtown is waiting for you.

One of the best things about the new Eagle Boomtown being developed on WAX is the easy onboarding for new users. Even if you never played Prospectors before, all you need to do to start is go through a simple registration using your email address. Then you will be able to go directly into the Eagle boomtown and start playing. So it’s a perfect time to invite your friends to join you!

Whether you prefer to research plots for gold, to develop…


Decentralized Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

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